Weekly Update #9: September 19, 2019

BitgrinPay is complete, exchange listing is on the way, and updates on documentation.

This week’s newsletter is aimed at educating the community the implications of BitgrinPay and how it works and several other announcements as Q3 comes to a close. Onwards!

Highlights from this past week(CHANGE):

  • BitgrinPay is complete

  • Exchange listing around the corner

  • Updates on Bitgrin documentation


  • There is a new exchange listing looming around the corner. Details will be announced once Bitgrin gets the new exchange listing. This exchange listing will finally get XBG on listed CMC; it will also provide new avenues for liquidity for the community. The listing should occur within the next several weeks.

  • The long-awaited BitgrinPay is finally complete as announced several days ago in the Bitgrin Discord server and the @bitgrin twitter page. This feature has been in development for several months now and it seems appropriate to discuss how it works and why it was created in the first place. So, here we go!


    Currently, it is cumbersome for users to withdraw from exchanges and pools as all payments are done through HTTPS. This method of transfer requires users to “expose their ports/open their ports” through their router, a daunting task for those who are not very technically savvy. This is not a problem independant to Bitgrin, it applies to other mimblewimble implementation such as Grin.

    What it does

    Provide a simple way for payment transfer in XBG between participants, mainly solving this need to open-port. This will make transfers much easier for users who want to transfer XBG into their wallets from exchanges and pools.

    How it works

    Implications and use cases

    1. Ease of use - BitgrinPay will make deposit and withdrawals from exchanges and pools easier and prevent the need from opening port.

    2. Streamlined protocol for transfers - Users will be able to simply click a button to transfer their XBG making it a much more automatic and faster process.

    3. Spill-over benefits - Grin and other mimblewimble projects will be able to adopt this development providing an improvement to the overall mimblewimble ecosystem.

    Roll-out plan

    You now may be wondering, when is BitgrinPay getting released? Well, soon. The release date is tied to the next Bitgrin exchange listing and will be integrated into this new exchange.



  • Mining continues to hold at a steady rate above 10k GPS.

    Props to BitgrinFan as always for creating these Bitgrin Hashrate charts!

Market Data

  • Overall volume continues to range and has begun uptrending.

Wrap Up

With BitgrinPay, a new exchange listing, a newly revamped FAQ and Q3 coming to a close, there are many things to look forward these next several weeks. All these new developments push the Bitgrin ecosystem forward paving the way for mass adoption.

Onwards and have a great weekend!

- Gatsby

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