Weekly Update #13: December 7, 2019

First DEX listing, MingBitgrin Live, CITEX Q&A next week.

Hello everyone, we are in the last stretch of Q4. The community has been growing substanitally these past several weeks, especially Bitgriners in China. Lots of exciting things happening and more to come before the New Year :P

Some Highlights:

  • MineBitgrin.com, educational resource for Bitgrin miners goes live.

  • 1st place on ViteX competition | First DEX to list Bitgrin + Market-Making as Mining incentives.

  • Q&A/AMA with CITEX community scheduled for Tue 9-10pm EST.

  • New version of Kingfish beta is launched.

  • Ice Mining Pool Update


  • Let’s first focus on Bitgrin-related developments, in this case, the Kingfish GUI wallet. Lead dev, Pharazen recently posted in the Discord community that the next iteration of Kingfish is here and in beta testing. The core developers have been working on this development for the past several months. We will be breaking down the new features for Kingfish here in the Bitgrin Newsletter once it is out.

  • We did it guys. Bitgrin got 1st place on the ViteX competition with a total of over 800 votes! This is awesome, everyone put in their part to vote and the results show. Special thank you do Odin, BitgrinFan, Lanmerry, WX, Jackall112, Pan-k and everyone else who reminded others to vote; we couldn’t have won this competition without you guys.

ViteX DEX Exchange Listing

“ViteX is a DEX developed on the Vite public chain and features absolute decentralization, higher security of digital assets and robust economic models for both sending/receiving transactions and confirming transactions.” - Source

First DEX.

The public chain which ViteX runs on features high throughput, fast transaction confirmation and zero fees, and more.

ViteX is truly decentralized; everything is settled or stored on-chain:

  • transaction matching is performed through smart contracts.

  • the order book is stored on-chain.

ViteX is the first DEX that Bitgrin trades on :)

First to list.

On one hand, we will be the first project to list out of the 4 new community listings on ViteX. This will be the 4th exchange Bitgrin trades on. ViteX is listed on Coin Market Cap which adds to its reputiability and most of the trading on the exchange is centered around privacy-centered coins such as Grin, Beam and Dero.

More Liquidity, more exposure.

We have qualified for Market-Making as Mining on the ViteX.


“The purpose of market-making as mining on ViteX is to provide market depth for mining eligible trading pairs.” - Vite.net

Basically, this feature will provide additional incentives for market markers to provide liquidity to the Bitgrin market. Making it easier for market participants to enter and exit their positions.

How it works

Placing orders on ViteX earns users VX tokens. You can find more information of exactly how the market making mechanism works here.

Wrap Up

This listing is overall a great addition for the current list of exchanges where Bitgrin trades on. It is fully decentralized, trading activity is centered around privacy coins and it has been vetted by Coin Market Cap.


Mine Bitgrin

  • When building the website, we focused on providing thorough yet easy to follow instructions on how to get setup mining Bitgrin. To decrease barrier of entry for miners in getting into the Bitgrin ecosystem, especially for beginners. With this in mind, we hope it will save miners time and minimize confusion as mining a new coin can sometimes be intimidating.

  • The website includes customized guides for Windows, Linux, HiveOS and Nicehash. We also created custom instructions whether you want to mine on a pool or mine solo.

  • MineBitgrin.com is a joint collaboration between community contributor, Odin and I. We put in tons of hours into putting this out and are happy to share it with all of you. If you have found use of the website and appreciate it, you can message Odin and give him kudos for the great job he did 🥳


  • On Tuesday 9-10pm EST we will be having a Q&A with the CITEX community on Wechat.

  • The panels members include Pharazen, Alfonso(myself), Odin and DistributedBit.

  • If you guys want to make it let us know so we can add you to the CITEX group!

Chinese Community | WeChat

  • Kudos to the Chinese community, and community leaders Wx and Lanmerry. They are doing an amazing job at engaging the community, helping others out and just bringing a positive energy to the conversation. It’s been exciting to see the Chinese Bitgrin community grow these past several months.


  • IceMining pool is almost here. Greg stated today in the Discord server that he will be setting up the pool today. So, we can expect it within the next few days.


  • Bitgrin has been on a run to the upside and has broken ATHs.

Wrap Up

Only 1 month left to the end of Q4. Lots of work to do and many exciting plans ahead.

Upwards and onwards!

- Gatsby

To stay up-to-date with the Bitgrin community you can continue the conversation at:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitGrin

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Telegram: https://t.co/jnKORmesBi

Website: https://bitgrin.dev/ ; http://getbitgrin.com

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Trade Bitgrin: https://www.citex.co.kr/#/trade/XBG_BTC

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