Weekly Update #8: September 5, 2019

Block explorer is back live, getbitgrin.com is launched and much more.

After several weeks of the block explorer being down due to the bitgrin.io hijacking, the original block explorer is back live. Several community initiatives have been set in place as well as we come to a close for Q3.

Highlights from this past week:

  • Block explorer is live

  • getbitgrin.com is released

  • BitgrinPay release is closer than ever.

  • Surprise announcement from Smaug.


  • The explorer for explorer.bitgrin.dev is back live! Circulating supply is currently just over 1.3M coins and you can see the rest of the details in the picture below or in the website. You can check out the explorer here.

  • Core team member, Smaug, releases a surprise announcement. He hints of a new revolutionary development that is currently in progress as well as a new whitepaper for Bitgrin.

  • As Q3 comes to a close, the BitginPay release is closer than ever. As the Github page details, BitgrinPay is a “specification for a simple way to send payments to users.” You can find more details of the inner workings behind BitgrinPay and its intended purpose here.


  • Getbitgrin.com has been released by community member, CryptoGatsby. This site aims to spread awareness of Bitgrin and its mission in the world. The site also aims to on-board new developers, miners and community members to the Bitgrin Ecosystem using user-friendly guides and detailed documentation about the protocol. This is the first of the many community initiatives that will be set forth in the next few month. You can check out the site here.

  • As for the newly designed block explorer proposed by Smaug several weeks ago, we are open for others in the community to contribute and help out in building it. Skills required for building such explorer are phaser, making databases, handling real-time refreshing plugins with ajax, and working with APIs. If you have any of the skills mentioned above or have a knack for great design, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pharazen, Smaug, myself or the community in general!

  • A new Bitgrin FAQ has been created by Smaug to be hosted under docs.bitgrin.dev domain. Community member, Gundam-Z, has already made a community FAQ under the domain wiki-bitgrin-io-1.gitbook.io. Perhaps these two FAQs can be merged together to make one cohesive source of information.


  • Hashrate to hold above the 10k GPS mark.

    Props to BitgrinFan as always for creating these Bitgrin Hashrate charts!

Market Data

  • Bitgrin continues to have strong volume on Vinex.

  • As for price, it continues to hold around the $0.20 mark.

Wrap Up

Hope you enjoyed this week’s newsletter. I’d like to apologize for being inconsistent with the weekly updates as I’ve been moving cities. Weekly updates are set to the regular schedule going forward.

Onwards and have a great weekend!

- Gatsby

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