Weekly Update #7: August 16, 2019

Competition winner is announced, improved block explorer draft and much more.

This week we finally reveal the winners of the Explain Bitgrin Competition, a draft for the new and improved block explorer is published by Smaug on Github, and we see several new initiatives set forth by the community such as a new community website.

Highlights from this past week:

  • Competition winners are announced

  • Block Explorer draft is published

  • New community website for Bitgrin in the works

  • Trading volume at ATHs


  • Let’s start off with the competition winners of the Explain Bitgrin Competition. It was great to see so many community members participate and submit awesome submissions. This competition shows how pooling efforts is a win for the community as whole, for ex. Bitgrin is finally on Youtube! The first Youtube video concerning Bitgrin was published as a direct result of this competition. Nonetheless, here are the winners of the competition!

    1st Place - Odin

    2nd Place - Maty

    3rd Place - Mehdi

    4th Place - Hagrid

  • Draft for new block explorer is published by Smaug on Github. There have been several comments among the community regarding the lack of block explorer and the desire to have a replacement for it soon. We can see from this draft created by Smaug, that the explorer is being worked on and it is actually being improved from the previous version. You can check out all the new block explorer proposal’s specifications here.

  • There are significant details in this block explorer proposal so I do urge you all to check it out if you’d like to learn more and give some feedback.


  • There is a new community-run Bitgrin website on the way! The efforts for this site have mainly been led by CryptoGatsby(myself) with some input and help from several community members(Maty w/ visuals and Bitgrin Fan w/ emission charts).

  • The purpose for this site is to provide an additional source for information regarding all things Bitgrin; serving as a compliment to the bitgrin github page and the bitgrin.dev site.

  • The site will be live on September 1st. If you’d want to help out don’t hesitate to reach out through Discord or Telegram. After-all this is a community-driven site, so anyone can contribute or share their input!


This section is being included to keep everyone up to date on the new wallet versions for Bitgrin. There seems to be a slight confusion on what is the latest update is, so here they are. This section will be posted occasionally, it will not be included every week.

  • For everyone who is on OSX/Mac, the most up to date wallet is the v1.1.4-rc version by GhostinX. For all the mac users who are still stuck with V1.0 wallets, this wallet version will allow you to update to V2.0. The sync is very fast and no reported bugs so far. This version works great, thank you GhostinX. Wallet Download Link

  • If you are on Windows, the latest version is v1.1.5-hotfix by Pharazen. This version also seems to be working very well for everyone. Wallet Download Link


  • Hashrate continues to trend up and is nearing the 15k GPS level.

    Props to BitgrinFan as always for creating these Bitgrin Hashrate charts!

Market Data

Experimenting with new sections for the newsletter, please give me feedback on what you thought of this section!

  • As the chart reveals below, Bitgrin trading volume has been consistently increasing over the past 5-6 months since’s its inception. This week, we saw the largest trading volume day for Bitgrin to date, two times.

  • The light-blue section is a 20-Day moving average to reflect the overall increase in volume the project has captured. This sort of metric is great because it reflects increased interest in the project from market participants.

Wrap Up

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Excited to see how the explorer turns out and also excited to share the website with everyone in the next few weeks. Onwards and have a great weekend!

- Gatsby

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