Weekly Update #6: August 5, 2019

Competition comes to an end, new developer contribution and much more.

This week we had significant community efforts put forth ranging all the way from developments on Kingfish to videos and other types of visuals explaining Bitgrin We also had Grin pull in code from Bitgrin and a new developer contribute to the Bitgrin project.

Highlights from this past week

  • Community member/developer GhostinX, contributes to Kingfish

  • 1 month competition comes to an end

  • Domains are fully migrated from bitgrin.io to bitgrin.dev


  • Kingfish gets updated to 1.14 to upgrade a host of features and fix several bugs you can find the update details here.

  • Community member/developer, GhostinX, pushes code for a Kingfish update to the Bitgrin repository. This is an important milestone as we expand our community and welcome other developers to contribute to the project. The developer did a great job, and with this new update Kingfish runs extremely smoothly.


  • The competion comes to an end, over a dozen of submissions were sent ranging from visuals, to explainer videos to even a Bitgrin rap! In case you’d like to check out all the submissions you can go over to the Bitgrin discord in #contests to find them. Here’s one of the submissions created by community member, Maty, that has been uploaded to Youtube titled “What is Bitgrin”.


Wrap Up

This week was a big win for the community. We had our first guest developer come on board and contribute to the project, we had over a dozen individual submissions for the contest and Qtrade Eric hop on the Bitgrin discord server to discuss a potential* future listing.

Grin pulling in code from Bitgrin this past week is a great sign that we can collaborate together and both parties can bring forth valuable contributions to the table to improve the Mimblewimble protocol and bring Bitgrin to mass-adoption!

I’ll leave you guys with a quote:

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” - Van Gogh


- Gatsby

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