Weekly Update #5: July 21, 2019

Hashpower goes parabolic, Kingfish is open-sourced, and much more.

Happy Monday everyone! This week Bitgrin hit a number of milestones that have been long-awaited and I am excited to share with all of them with you in this week’s newsletter.

Highlights from this past week:

  • Network hashrate increases 10-fold

  • Kingfish is now open source with an MIT license

  • Official Bitgrin twitter account reaches 1,000 followers

  • pool.bitgrin.io and Vinex upgrade to v2.0

Shoutout to Pharazen!

Before going on with the newsletter. I would like to give a shoutout to lead dev, Pharazen. Despite having a massive workload developing for this project full-time, he’s been extremely active in the Discord and Telegram channels answering questions and helping out with community members with any issues they’ve encountered. He’s been very dedicated to both the project(development wise) and the community, so really thought a shoutout was appropriate in this week’s update.


  • The long-awaited release for the source code of Kingfish, Bitgrin’s GUI wallet, is here. It has been registered under the MIT license. You can now check out the source-code for yourself and even build a Linux compilation if you are up for the task; great way to contribute to the community and support the Linux users! You can find a link to the code of the Kingfish wallet here.

  • Kingfish 1.1.0 beta is released. This wallet update utilizes the Bitgrin v2.0.0-beta-3 node. This update includes the new slate format, which means sending from this wallet will only work with up-to-date Bitgrin v2.0 nodes. This update also includes hyper-sync (sync within one minute) and solves many syncing issues. You can download it here.

  • Vinex upgrades their wallet to 2.0. If you would like to send coins to Vinex or withdraw you must update to the newest version of Kingfish that is 2.0; you can update here.


  • The official Bitgrin twitter account reaches 1,000 followers. This is a big milestone for the project and shows how our community continues to grow each day.

  • The community comes together and votes in efforts to get Bitgrin listed on Qtrade. We’ve managed to get 80 organic votes from the community; you can vote here if you still haven’t!

  • DistributedBit, Gundam-Z and CryptoGatsby come together and begin to work on the FAQ for Bitgrin which will provide information on what Bitgrin is and how it works, documentation for miners, and other relevant info. This is a community effort and anyone who’d like to help out is welcome to do so!

  • The Bitgrin competition “Explain how Bitgrin works” receives new submissions this week. The competition is 9 days away from ending. If you have not submitted your explainer and would like to participate you can find the instructions here and share your submission in the #contest channel of the Discord server.


  • Network hashrate increases to 20,000 GPS from 2,000 GPS just a few weeks ago. This in part has to due with the fact that Grin is no longer using their previous hashing algorithm which Bitgrin has kept, leading miners from Grin to move to mine on Bitgrin. The network is stronger than ever. Shoutout to BitGrin Fan for creating the Bitgrin Hashrate graph(represents data from the past 7 days).

  • Bitgrin Pool is updated to be compatible with 2.0 wallets. As mentioned above with the Vinex wallet upgrades, if you are mining on this pool you must upgrade your wallet to 2.0 to receive your payouts.

Wrap Up - Great Week For Bitgrin!

This week has brought forth strong developments to the project while at the same time showing the community’s dedication. Pharazen open-sourced Kingfish and released a new update to the wallet, both Vinex and the Bitgrin pool followed upgrades to 2.0 accordingly.

Community members rallied together to get 80 votes for the chance of getting listed on Qtrade, the Bitgrin twitter surpassed +1,000 followers and the work for the Bitgrin FAQ has been set in motion by the community. The network has become significantly more secure and we are just getting started.

As we aim to become a truly decentralized project , it’s important that community members work together to move our vision forward in becoming the best privacy coin in the world.


To stay up-to-date with the Bitgrin community you can continue the conversation at:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitGrin

Discord: https://discord.gg/HVk9hn

Telegram: https://t.co/jnKORmesBi

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/xbg

Website: https://bitgrin.io/

This newsletter is curated by Crypto Gatsby, for the Bitgrin community.