Weekly Update #3: June 24, 2019

Trading is back live, Kingfish 2.0 leak and Bitgrin love spread in Denver!


Bitmesh is disabling XBG withdrawals on June 30. We encourage you to take your coins out ASAP if you have not already. Below is a guide that explains the whole process to take your coins off of the exchange. If you still cannot withdraw your coins, you can head over to the Bitmesh Telegram Channel to ask for help from their team here or the official Bitgrin server here.

Kingfish Port forwarding Guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/xbg/comments/c4kbzm/kingfish_106_port_fowarding_using_vpn_double_nat/


  • Bitgrin trading goes back live on the Vinex Network after the deposit confirmation minimum was increased to prevent similar attacks from occurring, you can learn more about the attack and how we tackled the situation here.

  • Pharazen, lead dev, reveals progress on Kingfish 2.0 as we near the end of Q2. As you may notice, the wallet includes an address which will make transacting a much more seamless process.


  • Community member Hagrid, spreads some Bitgrin love in Denver, USA and puts some Bitgrin stickers on a bull! You can buy Bitgrin stickers here with XBG.

  • Pan-K and Crypto Gatsby’s, moderator and community manager role respectively are officially assigned in the discord server.


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