Weekly Update #2: June 17, 2019

Breakdown of treasury fund expenses, ASICs v. GPUs debate begins and more transparency going forward!


  • Lead dev, Pharazen, breaks down the treasury expenditures for Bitgrin since its inception. Below is a detailed breakdown of the treasury fund expenses:

  • Bitgrin gets delisted from Bitmesh along with VBK, XRP and several other coins. The exchange has delisted most of its trading pairs throughout the past few weeks as it shifts its focus towards the BSV community.

    • Pharazen has already reached out to several exchanges which we are looking to get listed on. More on this when we receive news.

    • The current outlets for buying XBG are OTC or Vinex.

  • Kingfish 2.0 and the new Javascript library are nearing completion as we move towards the end of Q2!


  • Core team member Smaug opens up the discussion for the ASICs vs GPU mining debate. You can join the conversation here.

  • Bitgrin community appoints community member, Crypto Gatsby, to help out with communications.



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