Weekly Update #12: November 19, 2019

Coin Market Cap listing, Bitgrin Node Development, Icemining Pool Announcement.

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing great. Here is a quick update as we approach the middle of Q4.

Highlights from the past two weeks:

  • Coin Market Cap lists Bitgrin.

  • Node development release teased.

  • Ice Mining Pool update(2nd pool to list Bitgrin).


  • Bitgrin has recently been listed in Coin Market Cap. The page shows the project’s description, block explorers, main website and a host of other information. This information is partial; needless to say, we are in contact with support and look forward to all information being displayed in the near future.

  • Icemining pool lead developer, Greg, updates the Bitgrin community on the progress for the Bitgrin mining pool on Icemining. Greg will provide another update next week. You can find his original messages in the #pools channel in the Bitgrin discord server.


  • Bitgrin participates in the community competition for listing in ViteX, the world's first DAG-based DEX. The competition has come to a finish and ViteX will be announcing the winners in the near future.

    We have just added one more candidate @BitGrin for round 2 listings
    forms.gle/XhAokM3jbBLRTc…. Voting will end on Nov 19 HKT, and results can be viewed after submission. Join our Discord and Telegram channels to receive first-hand updates and announcements on upcoming events & more
  • Blockfolio Signal listing process is moving forward as we chat with their team. More details on this once we are listed on the platform.

Mining/Market Data

  • Hashrate has been steadily increasing as you can notice in the chart below.

    Props to BitgrinFan as always for creating these Bitgrin Hashrate charts!

Wrap Up/What to expect in near future.

  • Bitgrin Node Upgrade

  • Blockfolio Signal Listing

  • ViteX listing results

  • More.

There are many things to look forward in the next several weeks. I’ve listed above just a few of the many developments that are coming in the near future.

Upwards and onwards!

- Gatsby

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