Weekly Update #10: September 28, 2019

CITEX exchange listing, new community-built block explorer and asian community growth.

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since our last listing, I’m excited to share our new exchange listing and the first community-built block explorer for Bitgrin. Many big things ahead for Bitgrin as we take the right steps towards becoming private money for everyone.

Highlights from this past week:

  • CITEX Global exchange lists Bitgrin BTC & USDT pairs

  • BitgrinX Block Explorer goes live

  • Chinese WeChat group exceeds +300 members




  • Hashrate had a slight dip but has made its way back above the 10k GPS level.

    Props to BitgrinFan as always for creating these Bitgrin Hashrate charts!

Market Data

  • Average daily volume continues to trend up. Price has also had significant upwards movement in the past several days.

Wrap Up

This week we made strong progress in making Bitgrin more decentralized and community-driven. We’ve had a new asian exchange list Bitgrin for both the BTC and USDT pairs, a community member created a very useful block explorer and see the Asian community continue to grow as community members like Ricky take on their personal initiative to see Bitgrin move forward.

Before wrapping up, on behalf of the Bitgrin community, I would like to thank CITEX Global for listing Bitgrin in their exchange.

Upwards and onwards!

- Gatsby

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